Requirements to publish an article in the book
"Oriental - Occidental Accord"
International Symposium
Salzburg 2007
start: 28 september 2007, up-date: 28 september 2007
mail to:
Dear Author!
Below are the necessarily requirements to publish your article in our book "Oriental - Occidental Accord".
Please read this page carefully, before you send us your article.
The whole manuscript (including footnotes, references cited and all illustrations) should not exceed 11 pages in "microsoft word- document" with 12 points for every part of the text. Manuscripts must be in English and observe United States conventions of usage, spelling, and punctuation. The manuscript must be included all the illustrations too.
Please send the manuscript as an e-mail attachement to
All illustrations (black-and-white photographs, drawings, tables, charts, musical note examples, and other illustrative material) must be of sufficient quality to permit reproduction. Visual illustrations in digital form have to be the original size to print with 300 dpi resolution in "jpg" format.
Please put all the illustrations in a folder, call this "img", and send this as an e-mail attachement to
References cited must be placed within the text, e.g., (Smith 1998, p 177). At the end of the manuscript they should be listed alphabetically by authors and chronologically for each author following the model.
Bibliographic Information:
You can see here the bibliographic informations about you as like as we have them:
If you wish to change anything in your personally page
please send a new cv in ms word-doc (not more than 50 words) or/ and
a new photo in black-and white or colour, as jpg, resolution 300
as an e-mail attachement to
Foreign material:
Please donīt use the material for which you do not hold the copyright.
Your material will be opened in special internal pages for the revisions and corrections of editors and lectors. They must have the possibility to contact you in our mailing list. Please keep on your participation in the mailing list.
If you agree the above listed conditions, please submit the
permission form